About Us

We strive to enhance the performance of our clients from amateur athletes to the professional ranks. Our creative techniques of mental skills training is sure to raise your confidence, mental toughness, and competitive edge regardless of your current skill level.  Our specialized training programs help individuals handle the pressures of competition at any level.

James Boykin, M.S., President/Mental skills Trainer

James Boykin is an excellent Mental Skills Trainer with over a decade of experience. James has had the luxury of experiencing the demands of competition first hand, coaching at various levels utilizing a mental approach philosophy, and working with individual athletes and teams on the development of mental skill techniques. He has experience working with elite professional athletes, top collegiate Division I athletes including: golf, track, and basketball players, and youth sports such as: baseball, basketball, golf, soccer and football. James has also trained company Presidents, CEOs, sales teams and sales representatives to learn how to deal with the stress and demands of the business world.

James played intercollegiate basketball where he led his team to the playoffs while making all conference first team in his second year. He was also the starting point guard on the 1993 Nevada state basketball championship team (state tourney MVP). His educational experience includes Masters of Science in Sport Psychology – California State University, Long Beach and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology – California State University, Long Beach.

Pasu L. Suggs, Director of Operations/Life Skills Coach

Pasu is an acclaimed Life Coach with over 3 yrs of experience. He has coached at various competitive levels of youth and adult basketball with great success. Hospitable and compassionate are two words that exemplify his disposition, thus his dedication to hone his mental skills over the past decade in the realm of competition. Pasu has extensive experience working with CEO’s and corporate executives whom are affiliated with pro sports, hotel operations, and gaming in the highly competitive Las Vegas area.

Through unfortunate childhood experiences, Pasu learned at an early age the ability to take command of emotional adversity to create a formula of productivity and success. This transformation contributed an early onset of success by winning the 1993 Nevada state championship. Success didn’t stop there as more accolades continued to follow with Pasu earning the Mr. Hustle and Western classic all-star MVP awards in Basketball.

Pasu has valuable experience working with division I athletes in track and field, basketball and football. One of his core values is working with the community and at risk children. He also contributes his services to selected charities, and private owners. Pasu’s main objective is to improve ones need to progress as an athlete, coach or executive and to simply prove to the world we are Mental Apex.