Many athletes, teams, and coaches look at the mental game with the intentions of reaching “the zone.” Realistically, we achieve this flow state only about 10 to 15% of the time we are in competition. So what do you do about the other 80 to 85% of the time when adversity is present? This is when the importance of mental skills training comes into play. We specialize in helping individuals become successful during moments when obstacles are interfering with performance. Training to handle these situations will give you a better chance to reach “the zone” state we all strive to achieve!

Our philosophy is based on training each individual to be prepared to handle performance obstacles and competitive adversity. Athletes typically feel anxiety due to their perception of the task at hand. The goal is to eliminate as much self-imposed interference as possible. Part of our training is based on the formula [performance = potential – interference]. Your overall performance equals your current potential to be successful minus any internal or external interference. With our mental skills training techniques, we strive to make the interference you experience down to zero.