James continues to be a tremendous asset to our varsity golfers at Long Beach Wilson High School. Our players find it very easy to relate with James and his approach to mental training. After going through a series of training sessions with James, our golfers come away more confident and more in control of their emotions. The players are aware of how controlling their emotions and focusing on the process will continue to benefit them every time they play. He helps our golfers reach their maximum potential.

James is also able to provide valuable feedback instantly for our players after their rounds through phone consultations. As a coach, I find that this instant feedback is highly beneficial for our players to have a positive approach when they go out on the course the next day. James is always there for the players with whom he works. For any player, in any sport, who wants to take their game to the next level, I highly recommend that you set up mental training sessions with James today.

Jeffrey A. Evans,
Director of Golf – Head Varsity Coach
Long Beach Wilson High School

Jeffrey A. Evans
Wilson High School Head Varsity Coach

I can’t thank James enough for what he has done for my golf game. When I first started working with James I was coming off of an injury and struggling with my game. At times I wondered if I would ever get my game back. After working with James over the last few months not only did I get my game back but it is now better than it has ever been. James’ confidence in me and what he has taught me about the mental game has had a tremendous impact on my performance. Thanks James.

Brett Lederer (Big West Tournament Champion, Long Beach City Champion, Century Bank Rising Star Open Champion; Adams Golf Pro Tour Series)

Brett Lederer
Professional Golfer

I have been with Mental Apex now for Three months and in just that short amount of time I have seen a tremendous change in my game. James has given me a great foundation to build on and every week I get better and better. I started out my professional career with a disappointing four straight missed cuts. After working with James I made four out of my next five cuts and didn’t change anything physically to my game. James has given me a true understanding of what things like confidence, focus, consistency and routine really mean and how to apply them to my rounds. There is no way I would be where I am today without his expertise. Thanks again James, I look forward to going all the way to the PGA with you!

Erik Hsu

Erik Hsu
Professional Golfer

Before James and I started working together I was having trouble with finishing tournaments and controlling my thought processes. With his continuous help throughout the year he really played a huge part in my win at the Big West Championship last Spring and also my great run of summer tournaments in the following months. Working on really staying in the moment, the mentality of dominating and never letting up, or even something like breathing, which I would have never thought to be that important, turned out to be instrumental and a huge part of my success. Thank you for everything and I know we will continue to improve together.

Ryan Panichpakdee (Big West Tournament Champion)

Ryan Panichpakdee
Professional Golfer