Believing In Yourself

Having a positive self-fulfilling prophecy is one of the most critical necessities for any professional athlete. In short, a self-fulfilling prophecy is the belief one possesses about his or her athletic skills and their assumption about how things will go once in competition.

The self-fulfilling prophecy not only plays a role in athletic events, but also in work situations, like a businessman conducting a presentation or an attorney trying to sway the jury. If you don’t believe in your own skill set to achieve positive results (regardless of the context), the odds of succeeding plummet.

32-year-old golfer Sergio Garcia, currently ranked the world’s 21st best, essentially sang to the world last week that he has a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Before teeing off in the final round of the Masters, Garcia said, “I’m not good enough [to win a major]. In 13 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to play for second or third place.” This was an astonishing thing for golf fans to hear even though he receives constant criticism for always contending but never winning at the majors (he has three 2nd place finishes in majors).

Either Sergio Garcia is playing a game of reverse psychology on the media and other golfers by saying he can’t win or he has a serious lack of self-confidence. Golfers often come out of nowhere to win major tournaments, so why does he think he truly isn’t good enough?

Let’s face it; Garcia is well equipped to win a major. But if he ever actually wins one, he needs to believe that he can. It all starts from within. If he continues to believe that he can’t win before he hits a shot in the first round, he’s right – he’ll never win one. But if he develops a positive self-fulfilling prophecy and can picture himself holding up the trophy on Sunday afternoon, then he will win. Don’t doubt yourself when there is no reason to! See and believe the positive outcome, go through the rhythmic process, and the rest will fall right into place.

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