Big Duck From a Small Pond

Chip Kelly is one of the hottest coaches in the world of football right now. Coming off another impressive season as the head Duck in Oregon, many NFL teams are in strong pursuit to reel in his services.

Many questions surround the style of Kelly’s coaching philosophy as whether it will transfer to the NFL and be as effective as it has been in the college ranks. I’m sure NFL teams would love to see 50 plus points thrown up on the scoreboard each week as it would equate to wins and fatter pockets.

As teams of interest pursue Kelly to bring in his high profile offense in hopes the transition is seamless and successful, teams should set their focus more so on whether Chip Kelly will be able to lead men instead of boys.

The fact is Kelly’s offense is already a success in the NFL. Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots already implement many facets of Kelly’s vision with their offense. The Patriots have been in the tops of the league when it comes to the major offenses categories past few years.

The success of Kelly in the NFL won’t necessarily fall on whether his high profile offense will fit in the ranks of the NFL, but more so will his style of leadership fit in the NFL. Will Kelly be able to lead a group of men that have been established in the sport of football? Will he be able to handle the personalities of guys making millions of dollars and get them to buy in to what he demands?

If Kelly’s leadership style can transfer from leading young men in college to grown men in the NFL, the answer to the question to whether his offensive style will be able to work in the NFL will without a question be yes.

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