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Positive Imagery On The Links
As the second stage for the PGA Tour Qualifying School is set to begin next week, the golfers that remain have extreme physical and mental obstacles to overcome. PGA Tour “Q” School is regarded as one of the most nerve-racking sporting events; it dictates whether one will obtain a PGA Tour Card, the most prized possession a golfer could achieve. Q School is grueling – it consists of four stages and eighteen rounds of golf and in order to advance to the following stage, one must stay mentally strong and perform exceptionally well in pressure-packed situations. Currently,...
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Positive Thinking On The Blue Line
With the NBA season on hold, professional sports fans have turned their attention to the National Hockey League. With more hype surrounding the early stages of the NHL season this fall, each team is hoping to get off to a hot start. Despite having a long 82-game NHL season, every team wants to get off to a good start and set the tone for the rest of the season. Although it is great to begin a season on the right foot (like the Washington Capitals have done), early flashes of brilliance or failure should not dictate...
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Romo Loses Focus on the Field
The Dallas Cowboys’ (2-2) star quarterback Tony Romo has received criticism due to his performance this past weekend. He helped his team build a comfortable 20-3 lead at halftime, but only to see it disappear by the game’s end. He allowed three interceptions in the second half, which opened the doors for the Lions. But Romo is a highly skilled quarterback, how could this happen? To investigate this, we will highlight certain psychological and mental approaches that were detrimental to Romo’s performance. Tony Romo had been dealing with injuries in a game a week earlier against...
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