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Show me the Mo’ne
Mo'ne Davis has taken the nation by storm during this years Little League World Series. The 13 year old phenom from South Philly has dominated in Williamsport, PA to the tune of 2-0 record with 12 innings pitched, 0 runs allowed, 5 hits, 14 strike outs and 3 walks. With lines more than 2 and half hours long waiting to get in to watch her pitch, Mo'ne seems poised and ready to take on an explosive Las Vegas team. What stands out when watching Mo'ne on television during interviews is the confidence she exudes. She comes off as fearless...
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Looking over the shoulder of Brian Hoyer
Brian Hoyer was just named starting quarterback in Cleveland's highly anticipated "Decision" part two for starting supremacy between Hoyer and Johnny Manziel. Now that Hoyer has earned the starting role, he has also earned the difficult mental task of looking over his shoulder at a player vying for his spot. Playing with someone breathing down your neck for your playing time is one of the hardest things to do in sports. Hoyer needs to stay focused on the things he has 100% control over. His thoughts and energy should be directed to the process at hand for every...
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Big Duck From a Small Pond
Chip Kelly is one of the hottest coaches in the world of football right now. Coming off another impressive season as the head Duck in Oregon, many NFL teams are in strong pursuit to reel in his services. Many questions surround the style of Kelly’s coaching philosophy as whether it will transfer to the NFL and be as effective as it has been in the college ranks. I’m sure NFL teams would love to see 50 plus points thrown up on the scoreboard each week as it would equate to wins and fatter pockets. As teams of...
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