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How Rory McIlroy Bounced Back in the US Open
We all remember it so vividly. Rory McIlroy taking a 4 shot lead in to the final round of the 2011 Masters only to see him squander it all away on the back 9. Shot after shot, putt after putt, we watched him fold under the pressure and ultimately finish 10 shots behind the eventual winner Charl Swartzel. In the end, the magnitude of the moment was too much for Rory to handle. Fast-forward 2 months later to Bethesda, MD where the 2011 U.S. Open took place. All eyes were once again on Rory McIlroy to...
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How Dan Uggla Makes Streaking Look So Good
Dan Uggla now has a surprising 30 game hit streak. Surprising in the fact that he was batting .178 before the streak started, a number he probably could have achieved with his eyes closed. So what has Dan Uggla done to turn his season around? A couple of factors have played a significant role in Uggla’s impressive ride. First, he got hot. A couple of hits here, a few hits there and those positive feelings start to take over. Having good results begin to generate a great deal of momentum and confidence. But getting hot and...
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