How Dan Uggla Makes Streaking Look So Good

Dan Uggla now has a surprising 30 game hit streak. Surprising in the fact that he was batting .178 before the streak started, a number he probably could have achieved with his eyes closed. So what has Dan Uggla done to turn his season around?

A couple of factors have played a significant role in Uggla’s impressive ride. First, he got hot. A couple of hits here, a few hits there and those positive feelings start to take over. Having good results begin to generate a great deal of momentum and confidence. But getting hot and feeling good about a few positive results is just the beginning.

The tough part about a 30 game hit streak is dealing with distractions, more specifically, having success. Many athletes only pay attention to negative distractions and how they affect performance. A strike out, a bad call, an 0 – 4 night. Having success can affect a player’s focus just as much.

Dan Uggla has done a great job handling the pressures of success extremely well to this point. He has constantly talked about having fun, helping the team win and the old adage “one pitch at a time” to keep him focused.

Being able to block out distraction is key and you must develop a game plan to do so. Your focus should rely on the process of your execution and not the outcome of the task you’re trying to achieve. The better job you can do executing what you have control over will go a long way with your overall success.

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