Hoyas’ Bite Displays No Power

The Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball team lose their cool in China during an exhibition game Thursday night. A game that was described as very physical ends early due to a bench clearing brawl where punches were thrown and chairs were launched at opposing players.

Stats from the exhibition shows a huge disparity in free throw attempts (52-15) in favor of the China’s professional team. The admitted physicality and perceived unfairness of officiating leads to a breakdown in composure by the Hoyas.

Now everyone has a tipping point. Unless you’re there it’s hard to know what really happened down in the trenches. I mean, someone could’ve said something about somebody’s momma! A racial slur could’ve been thrown out there. There could’ve been multiple ill-advised cheap shots. Many factors can lead to an athlete loosing his cool. Even the best loose it every now and then.

But to be great you have to excel at keeping your composure. The second you allow someone, something or some element get you out your game you have completely given up your power. It is impossible to be successful at any sport once you become powerless. If you are allowing a bad call, a terrible break, trash talking from an opponent (the list can go on and on) to distract you from what you want to execute, then you mind as well go home. Untie the shoes and walk off the court. Put your clubs back in the bag and leave the course. Take the helmet and shoulder pads off and call it a day. You have officially allowed yourself to become powerless at this point.

Never give up your power to anyone, anything or any element! Maintain your power and control at all times. This is the mark of a true champion and the sign of an athlete that has the mental toughness to take on all challenges.

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