It’s Gotta Be The Shoes! Or is it?

know Tiger Woods’ troubles on and off the golf course have been well documented since that dark November night more than two years ago but there was something even more disturbing that happened at Pebble Beach this past Sunday.

Tiger wore a pair of white golf spikes.

This may not seem like front page news but it is vey interesting especially with Tiger’s extremely average performance in Abu Dhabi two weeks prior where he was expected to win as he entered the final round with a share of the lead. Tiger has always prowled the golf course on Sundays in a set outfit since the beginning of his PGA Tour days consisting of all black clothing and a red polo shirt.

This is not a man forgetting to pack another pair of spikes, as he is THE reason Nike Golf exists and is always the best dressed man on a golf course, this is a man who has lost confidence in his game, ability, and himself when the stakes are raised. The sheer fact that Tiger is thinking a pair of white golf spikes is the answer to his woes is cause of greater concern.

Further evidence of Tiger’s deflating confidence could be seen in his pre-shot routine. Thursday through Saturday he would take two slow and relaxed practice swings then address the ball. On Sunday he would take three or more very exaggerated practice swings, as he simply did not look comfortable with the added pressure and expectations of a possible victory.

Many athletes have experienced paralysis by analysis, essentially over-thinking to the point where it becomes detrimental to ones performance. This is what the former worlds number one golfer is experiencing, Tiger is over thinking the room, many analysts still believe he is the best golfer in any tournament he enters. Tiger needs to believe that he is the best on Sundays again if he wants to once again dominate the sport. Sure Jason Giambi wore a slump busting leopard print thong, but if Tiger believes white shoes on Sunday is the answer to his PGA winless streak then the streak seems destined to continue.

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