Looking over the shoulder of Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer was just named starting quarterback in Cleveland’s highly anticipated “Decision” part two for starting supremacy between Hoyer and Johnny Manziel.

Now that Hoyer has earned the starting role, he has also earned the difficult mental task of looking over his shoulder at a player vying for his spot. Playing with someone breathing down your neck for your playing time is one of the hardest things to do in sports.

Hoyer needs to stay focused on the things he has 100% control over. His thoughts and energy should be directed to the process at hand for every snap, every play, every situation regardless of whether its practice or a game.

As soon as he starts to worry about what Johnny Football is doing or what the coaches may be thinking about when it comes to Money Manziel then his road will become a lot tougher. These are outcome thoughts and have nothing to do with his ability to execute a play or complete a pass down field.

With process focus comes success in anything you do. The key for Hoyer’s future will be his ability to stay in his “circle” and focus on the task at hand. This will allow him handle outside distractions that can ultimately derail him from leading this Cleveland Browns team.

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