Individual Training Packages

For training and development of a winning and dominant mentality, we highly recommend signing up for one of our Training Packages below. As with any type of training it takes time to develop a productive skill set. The mental game is no different. Our packages allow you to put in the time needed to instill this dominant mentality.

Mental Apex has developed specialized training programs helping athletes ranging from youth sports to the elite individual to help enhance their competitive performance. Our techniques utilize a creative mix of sport psychology, coaching experience and state-of-the-art technology.

Training Packages

Package of (4) 1 hour lessons:

Package of (10) 1 hour lessons: (Best Value Per Session)

Individual Training

Here at Mental Apex, you have the flexibility to receive your sessions in the office, on the athletic field or on-site following competition. There is no cookie-cutter approach as our one-on-one sessions are personalized to cater to your specific needs. We conduct an initial consultation to assess your perceived strengths and weaknesses of your athletic performance. Depending on the nature of the athlete’s challenge(s), we recommend a minimum of 10 sessions. Regardless of which package you choose, our passion is to help you reach your ultimate goals!

Consultation Benefits
• Mental Apex WorkBook containing various assessments, in-session tasks to complete, and take-home assignments
• Learn the mind set of elite athletes
• Higher levels of focus/concentration
• Training in relaxation and use of imagery
• Training with positive self talk, routines, and goal setting
• Overall stronger mental toughness
• Gain a better understanding of self and how you respond to various situations during competition

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