Virtual Training

Virtual Skype/Phone Training has become one of our most popular programs that we have to offer. Cut down on travel cost while benefiting from our excellent services from the comfort of your home. Scheduled Skype/phone sessions along with emails and texting for convenience makes this a great option. Regardless of your location, we are here to help you excel in the mental game.

The Virtual Training Package includes:

• Scheduled Skype/phone consultation at coordinated times
• Email/text correspondence between phone sessions
• A Mental Apex Assessment that identifies perceived strengths and weaknesses you posses
• Weekly at-home exercises that caters to your specific needs

Benefits of the Virtual Training Package:

• Cut down on travel cost and time
• Skype/phone consultations at your convenience
• Email/text correspondence between sessions
• Receive excellent training from the comfort of your home

The Virtual Skype/Phone Training  can be set up on a per-session basis or as a monthly service. Both training options are renewed upon completion.