No Championship Let Down For The Pack

The Green Bay Packers start their 2011 title defense with a 42-34 victory over the New Orleans Saints. There has been much talk about a Super Bowl hangover and how difficult it is to repeat as champion. In fact, many recent champions have had troubles just getting back to the post season the following year.

There are certain main elements that contribute to this let down for many champions. A feeling of complacency tends to take over after achieving your ultimate goal. Becoming overconfident traditionally is a fixture in the mindset after winning it all. Also, many champions become satisfied once they hoist that trophy in the air.

The above mentioned and similar factors are a recipe for disaster once you’ve reached that mountain top. An athletes’ hunger and desire aren’t quite the same. The work ethic put in doesn’t have the same intensity. The off-season preparation lacks the focus needed to get back on top.

Many athletes go wrong thinking they can just show back up and do it all over again. Preparation is the key to avoid a let down after winning it all. The team and/or individual must create good habits right away both mentally and physically. There has to be strong focus and attention to detail during the preparation phase for the upcoming season or event.

Work hard at your craft as if you have never won anything. Prepare yourself mentally by being efficient and detailed oriented during your practices. Drive and push yourself to be better than you were a year ago, a month ago, a week ago, a day ago. Be specific in the areas where you want to get better. Develop a stronger focus on execution of the task you want to master.

Creating detailed mental habits of execution will keep your mind from allowing the outcome of your achievements to be the focal point. Slacking off becomes an option once complacency settles in. Don’t fall in to this trap. Don’t allow complacency to be an option. Prepare yourself during practice and create good habits right away as you get ready for your next event or season. Accomplish these tasks and the likelihood for more success will be much higher moving forward.

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