One Family, One Goal

Recently I went to Louisiana to work with the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks baseball program. I have to say it was a great experience. Many teams can learn a lot from what is going on over there in Warhawks Nation.

There are certain characteristics that all great teams must have if they plan on winning a championship. One of them is hard work. Teams must put in the time and be dedicated to conditioning, practice and getting prepared for their games. These elements resonated through each player as they displayed the desire to want to work hard and get better. It wasn’t just with lifting weights or swinging the bat during BP. It was also the willingness to sharpen their mental game. Their eagerness to learn, train and put themselves in position handle the adversity of competition.

Another aspect important for team success is building a productive culture that ball players are willing to buy in to. Our main focus for the week was to establish being accountable, motivated and to be in control. It’s important for each player to be responsible for their actions on and off the field of play. Players also need to maintain control at all times. As soon as an individual allows another element to distract them, whether a bad call, an opponent, a coach, weather, anything, then they have completely given up their power. Don’t ever give up your power and become powerless, ever! This mantra has to be a pillar in the foundation of what a team believes in.

The last thing that great teams must posses to have any chance of being a dominant force is team chemistry. This factor goes a long way and makes up for many obstacles that will be endured throughout the course of a season. The ULM Warhawks have an impressive foundation of team unity and family. These guys are willing to have their brother’s back no matter the situation. All is possible when a team is as close as what I witnessed in Monroe.

These key factors have led to a fast start for Warhawks Nation. They currently hold a 4-1 record and have the Nations highest RPI rating out of all Division I teams. The key to keep this rolling will be their dedication and trust to continue to buy in to the culture that has been established, through thick and thin. When adversity strikes their bond will need to be stronger than ever. And from what I saw throughout that week in Monroe, the Warhawks have all the team ingredients to go far this year.

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