Pau’s Process Thinking

Trade speculation surrounded Los Angeles Lakers’ forward Pau Gasol during the off-season and has continued into regular season play. Despite all the rumors going around, Gasol remains focused solely on his performance, while ignoring the things that are out of his control, like a trade. Gasol’s approach has allowed him to remain successful on the court even though he is unsure of which team he will eventually play for.
Even though most amateur athletes do not face front office threats that could result in them switching teams without consent, many athletes do face similar problems.
A more relatable problem is when a coach fails to give a player the playing time he or she is expecting. Even though they may strongly disagree with the coach’s decision, it’s something that is out of their control and must ultimately deal with. Giving up, quitting, and complaining are easy, but counterproductive solutions. A better solution is to do what Pau Gasol does – show determination, bring high energy in practice, and excel when the playing opportunities come.
Make it impossible for your coach to not play you. Prove to your coach that you deserve a bigger role on your team. Do the little things that you can control like Gasol does in order to prove to the Lakers front offices that he deserves to be a mainstay on the Lakers roster.

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