Positive Imagery On The Links

As the second stage for the PGA Tour Qualifying School is set to begin next week, the golfers that remain have extreme physical and mental obstacles to overcome. PGA Tour “Q” School is regarded as one of the most nerve-racking sporting events; it dictates whether one will obtain a PGA Tour Card, the most prized possession a golfer could achieve.

Q School is grueling – it consists of four stages and eighteen rounds of golf and in order to advance to the following stage, one must stay mentally strong and perform exceptionally well in pressure-packed situations.

Currently, the players are preparing for the second stage. As the players await their upcoming tournament, many doubts will cross the players’ minds. As difficult as it may be to ignore these thoughts, it can be achieved. Certain mental tools can help any athlete, including golfers, focus on the positive; one of which is imagery.

Imagery, or visualization, involves recalling memory pieces of information stored from experience and shaping it into meaningful images. All golfers in Q-school have an abundance of positive experiences from their past that can assist in creating a positive image. Imagining an upcoming tournament, hole, or even a particular shot can be accomplished using imagery. Imagery can be achieved using external or internal imagery. Although external imagery (watching yourself do the activity from another perspective) can be helpful, for golf it is more advantageous to use internal imagery (see the routine and shot through your own eyes in real time).

With Q-school’s next stage fast approaching, the remaining golfers should go through each shot in their minds with goals of having vivid images and thought control. Maintaining a positive focus throughout the imagery will help the golfers build confidence as they approach some of the most important rounds of golf in their careers.

Regardless of the sport, every athlete should envision a successful execution prior to, and/or while in, competition. It will only increase the probability of executing successfully.

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