Show me the Mo’ne

Mo’ne Davis has taken the nation by storm during this years Little League World Series. The 13 year old phenom from South Philly has dominated in Williamsport, PA to the tune of 2-0 record with 12 innings pitched, 0 runs allowed, 5 hits, 14 strike outs and 3 walks.

With lines more than 2 and half hours long waiting to get in to watch her pitch, Mo’ne seems poised and ready to take on an explosive Las Vegas team.

What stands out when watching Mo’ne on television during interviews is the confidence she exudes. She comes off as fearless with a demeanor that nothing will stand in her way.

During a conversation on ESPN she stated she will be the starting point guard for the UCONN Huskies and then eventually play in the WNBA. She then told coach Geno Aryema to be ready for her.

Davis was so matter-of-fact with this statement. This shows me she posses the number 1 characteristic you must have as an athlete. CONFIDENCE!

There is a much greater chance for success with high levels of confidence. I don’t care how talented you are as an athlete, if your confidence isn’t high it’s going to be a struggle out there.

Keep working on instilling high levels of confidence. Use positive self talk and affirmations. Consistently recall successful moments during competition. Base your confidence on the process, the things you have 100% control over and do not rely on the outcome to drive how confident you are.

Using these techniques will help you to become more successful on a consistent basis. And like M0’ne Davis, with this mental approach there is no doubt in my mind you will have a greater chance to be successful in what ever you do in life.

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