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LIN-SANITY… Why Being Prepared Is So Important
Jeremy Lin has taken the NBA by storm. In one of the most unlikely stories in NBA history, he has captivated the sports world with his brilliant play and underdog nature. This is probably the biggest phenomenon in sports since… lets say… Tim Tebow! There are many amazing factors about this Jeremy Lin story. The fact that he is Asian American playing in the NBA is one (The first American born player in history to be of Chinese or Taiwanese decent). Or the fact that he played his collegiate career at Harvard University (Only one other...
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Pau’s Process Thinking
Trade speculation surrounded Los Angeles Lakers’ forward Pau Gasol during the off-season and has continued into regular season play. Despite all the rumors going around, Gasol remains focused solely on his performance, while ignoring the things that are out of his control, like a trade. Gasol’s approach has allowed him to remain successful on the court even though he is unsure of which team he will eventually play for. Even though most amateur athletes do not face front office threats that could result in them switching teams without consent, many athletes do face similar problems. A more...
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Tebow Just Keeps On Winning
“He can’t pass. He’s lucky. He shouldn’t be a starting NFL quarterback. He’s not any good!” These descriptions have been used to explain the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback, Tim Tebow. Despite all the negative criticism surrounding his skills and talents, Tebow continues to deliver on the field and lead his team to victory. Why is this guy winning? Since taking over as starting quarterback, Tebow has a 7-1 record and has led the Broncos to sole possession of first place in the AFC West. Although his statistics aren’t the most impressive, it’s his mental toughness and...
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