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One Family, One Goal
Recently I went to Louisiana to work with the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks baseball program. I have to say it was a great experience. Many teams can learn a lot from what is going on over there in Warhawks Nation. There are certain characteristics that all great teams must have if they plan on winning a championship. One of them is hard work. Teams must put in the time and be dedicated to conditioning, practice and getting prepared for their games. These elements resonated through each player as they displayed the desire to want to work hard...
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It’s Gotta Be The Shoes! Or is it?
know Tiger Woods’ troubles on and off the golf course have been well documented since that dark November night more than two years ago but there was something even more disturbing that happened at Pebble Beach this past Sunday. Tiger wore a pair of white golf spikes. This may not seem like front page news but it is vey interesting especially with Tiger’s extremely average performance in Abu Dhabi two weeks prior where he was expected to win as he entered the final round with a share of the lead. Tiger has always prowled the golf course...
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LIN-SANITY… Why Being Prepared Is So Important
Jeremy Lin has taken the NBA by storm. In one of the most unlikely stories in NBA history, he has captivated the sports world with his brilliant play and underdog nature. This is probably the biggest phenomenon in sports since… lets say… Tim Tebow! There are many amazing factors about this Jeremy Lin story. The fact that he is Asian American playing in the NBA is one (The first American born player in history to be of Chinese or Taiwanese decent). Or the fact that he played his collegiate career at Harvard University (Only one other...
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