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Tebow Just Keeps On Winning
“He can’t pass. He’s lucky. He shouldn’t be a starting NFL quarterback. He’s not any good!” These descriptions have been used to explain the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback, Tim Tebow. Despite all the negative criticism surrounding his skills and talents, Tebow continues to deliver on the field and lead his team to victory. Why is this guy winning? Since taking over as starting quarterback, Tebow has a 7-1 record and has led the Broncos to sole possession of first place in the AFC West. Although his statistics aren’t the most impressive, it’s his mental toughness and...
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What’s Your Motivation?
Motivation is an important component to an athletes success. Depending on the athlete, motivation can be achieved in many different ways. Imagine you play in the MLB and just came off one of the best seasons that any player in your franchise has ever had. Imagine that you led the National League in home runs (39), runs batted in (126), and runs scored (115), and stole 40 bases on top of it all. Imagine your defense at the center field position was so superb that you were rewarded the Golden Glove award, which is given to...
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The Comeback Cards
On the second to last day of Major League Baseball’s regular season, the St. Louis Cardinals found themselves in a must-win situation to keep their playoff hopes alive. After three innings, the Cardinals were already down five runs. They quickly made up the deficit, but were again overtaken by the Houston Astros. Down a run with little hope left, the Cardinals not only tied the game and took the lead, but also scored thirteen runs and won the game easily. This game showed the patience, confidence, and relentlessness of the Cardinals and demonstrated things every athlete...
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