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Big Duck From a Small Pond
Chip Kelly is one of the hottest coaches in the world of football right now. Coming off another impressive season as the head Duck in Oregon, many NFL teams are in strong pursuit to reel in his services. Many questions surround the style of Kelly’s coaching philosophy as whether it will transfer to the NFL and be as effective as it has been in the college ranks. I’m sure NFL teams would love to see 50 plus points thrown up on the scoreboard each week as it would equate to wins and fatter pockets. As teams of...
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Harold Calubid Wins the AJGA Junior Challenge
Fresh off of winning The Bob Jones Jr. Invitational at Yorba Linda CC, Harold Calubid does it again by taking down the AJGA Junior Challenge at Oak Valley Golf Club in Beaumont, CA. Calubid catapults himself from 871 to 175 in the Polo Ranking. Harold Calubid, of Long Beach, won the Boys Division, with a 6-under-par 210. The tournament includes 95 boys, ages 12-18 from six states and 10 countries. The Victory was a hard fought one that posed many challenges for Harold to overcome. Calubid held the 36-hole lead with 18 to play. After shooting...
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What’s Your Motivation?
Motivation is an important component to an athletes success. Depending on the athlete, motivation can be achieved in many different ways. Imagine you play in the MLB and just came off one of the best seasons that any player in your franchise has ever had. Imagine that you led the National League in home runs (39), runs batted in (126), and runs scored (115), and stole 40 bases on top of it all. Imagine your defense at the center field position was so superb that you were rewarded the Golden Glove award, which is given to...
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