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Positive Thinking On The Blue Line
With the NBA season on hold, professional sports fans have turned their attention to the National Hockey League. With more hype surrounding the early stages of the NHL season this fall, each team is hoping to get off to a hot start. Despite having a long 82-game NHL season, every team wants to get off to a good start and set the tone for the rest of the season. Although it is great to begin a season on the right foot (like the Washington Capitals have done), early flashes of brilliance or failure should not dictate...
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The Comeback Cards
On the second to last day of Major League Baseball’s regular season, the St. Louis Cardinals found themselves in a must-win situation to keep their playoff hopes alive. After three innings, the Cardinals were already down five runs. They quickly made up the deficit, but were again overtaken by the Houston Astros. Down a run with little hope left, the Cardinals not only tied the game and took the lead, but also scored thirteen runs and won the game easily. This game showed the patience, confidence, and relentlessness of the Cardinals and demonstrated things every athlete...
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No Championship Let Down For The Pack
The Green Bay Packers start their 2011 title defense with a 42-34 victory over the New Orleans Saints. There has been much talk about a Super Bowl hangover and how difficult it is to repeat as champion. In fact, many recent champions have had troubles just getting back to the post season the following year. There are certain main elements that contribute to this let down for many champions. A feeling of complacency tends to take over after achieving your ultimate goal. Becoming overconfident traditionally is a fixture in the mindset after winning it all. Also,...
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