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You Can Gain A Lot From Tommy Two Gloves
Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey sits on a 3 shot lead going in to the third round at the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro, NC. Gainey is known for his unorthodox swing mechanics where he uses a 10 finger baseball grip and jerky follow through motion. He’s also known for wearing golf gloves on both hands at all times, even while putting. Lets face it, some of the things that Gainey does is just different, weird and down right ugly. But if you look deeper than just the surface you can gain a lot from “Two Gloves”...
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Hoyas’ Bite Displays No Power
The Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball team lose their cool in China during an exhibition game Thursday night. A game that was described as very physical ends early due to a bench clearing brawl where punches were thrown and chairs were launched at opposing players. Stats from the exhibition shows a huge disparity in free throw attempts (52-15) in favor of the China’s professional team. The admitted physicality and perceived unfairness of officiating leads to a breakdown in composure by the Hoyas. Now everyone has a tipping point. Unless you’re there it’s hard to know what really happened...
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What is Tiger Woods Missing?
Tiger continues to struggle and many wonder what is causing this once invincible force to now be mere mortal. We can all speculate that the scandal in 2009 has derailed Woods. Or the injury to his left leg, up to this point, has just been too much for him overcome. Others can point to the change in swing coach and his development of a new swing. I’m sure all of these factors collectively has played some role in Tiger’s recent shortcomings, but one element stands out in bright and clear. TIME! Tiger just hasn’t been able...
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