James continues to be a tremendous asset to our varsity golfers at Long Beach Wilson High School. Our players find it very easy to relate with James and his approach to mental training. After going through a series of training sessions with James, our golfers come away more confident and more in control of their emotions. The players are aware of how controlling their emotions and focusing on the process will continue to benefit them every time they play. He helps our golfers reach their maximum potential.

James is also able to provide valuable feedback instantly for our players after their rounds through phone consultations. As a coach, I find that this instant feedback is highly beneficial for our players to have a positive approach when they go out on the course the next day. James is always there for the players with whom he works. For any player, in any sport, who wants to take their game to the next level, I highly recommend that you set up mental training sessions with James today.

Jeffrey A. Evans,
Director of Golf – Head Varsity Coach
Long Beach Wilson High School

Jeffrey A. Evans
Wilson High School Head Varsity Coach