The Comeback Cards

On the second to last day of Major League Baseball’s regular season, the St. Louis Cardinals found themselves in a must-win situation to keep their playoff hopes alive. After three innings, the Cardinals were already down five runs. They quickly made up the deficit, but were again overtaken by the Houston Astros. Down a run with little hope left, the Cardinals not only tied the game and took the lead, but also scored thirteen runs and won the game easily.

This game showed the patience, confidence, and relentlessness of the Cardinals and demonstrated things every athlete can learn from.

No player or team ever wants to be down early, especially in a big game. Instead of getting down on themselves and giving up, the Cardinals fought back. They did this by executing the little things (drawing walks and getting singles), instead of trying to hit home runs. In any sport, it is important to understand how to rally back from being down. In golf, for example, one cannot make up numerous shots on the field in one hole. It takes patience. One must do the little things right, which means sticking to your routine, maintaining rhythm, and executing your swing. When a golfer tries to do too much, he or she tends to fall into a deeper hole.

The Cardinals also displayed confidence. Despite being down early, they did not panic. With the talent on their team, they knew they had the ability to come back. They believed they were the better team and were not going to let up until they proved that. This mentality can be very beneficial to any sport competitor. If you truly believe that you are better than the person/team you are competing against, you will exude confidence. Having confidence will allow you to accomplish your goals more easily due to trusting your abilities.

The most fascinating part about the Cardinals game was that they ended up winning 13-6. They did not let up after scoring their seventh run; they continued piling on the runs. Doing this is something many athletes struggle with. Being in the lead can, at times, feel as if it is enough. It’s not. It’s never enough. To be a mentally strong competitor in any sport, one must be relentless. In football, for example, having a one touchdown lead should be motivation to make it a two touchdown lead, and so on. This relentless attitude will help you succeed in your respective sport.

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