What is Tiger Woods Missing?

Tiger continues to struggle and many wonder what is causing this once invincible force to now be mere mortal. We can all speculate that the scandal in 2009 has derailed Woods. Or the injury to his left leg, up to this point, has just been too much for him overcome. Others can point to the change in swing coach and his development of a new swing.

I’m sure all of these factors collectively has played some role in Tiger’s recent shortcomings, but one element stands out in bright and clear. TIME! Tiger just hasn’t been able to put in the necessary time it takes to maintain the level of excellence he has shown over the past two decades. Woods now has kids and other factors in life that he has given a higher priority.

This is a guy once known for his 16 hour days whether its lifting weights, conditioning, practicing or playing. You must be able to put in the time to be great. With good practice comes being prepared. The more prepared you are the better you’re able to handle adversity. The great ones have the tendency to handle adversity better than others. Being able to handle adversity starts with practice and hard work. The hard work you put in during the week, during off-season, throughout the entire year. You can’t just show up the day of a tournament and say “OK…. I’m ready!” You have to prepare yourself by putting in the time and working hard.

Go out there and prepare yourself for greatness. Don’t just hit balls at the range or play a round of golf. Go to the gym and lift some weights. Go run and condition yourself to be in better shape. Make sure you eat right and have good nutritional habits. Do everything you can to be better prepared for competition. All this hard work will pay off in the long run both mentally and physically.

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